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Welcome to Depression UK

Depression UK is a National Self-Help Organisation that helps people cope with their depression. The charity is run by a team of 15 or more volunteers who welcome you to join us.

Our Mission

How we can help...

Depression UK promotes mutual support between individuals affected by or at risk from depression, with the aim of encouraging self help, recovery and personal growth.

We try to help our members by enabling them to share their thoughts and problems with fellow sufferers, because they know better than any non-depressed professional or carer does what it really feels like to suffer from depression.

Our aims are to...

  • Offer fellowship (friendliness), to anyone troubled by depression, to help him or her overcome their illness.
  • Offer mutual support and encourage self help.
  • Overcome the isolation felt by many people with depression.
  • Help break down the stigma attached to this illness.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of members at all times.
  • Attempt to meet the needs of sufferers not covered by health professionals.
  • Neither give medical advice nor endorse any medical treatment or product - because we are not qualified to do so.

How we support and share - and what we offer...

For an annual fee of 10, we will:

  • Send to you, a copy of our Newsletter up to six times a year.
  • Offer membership of our Pen and Phone-Friend services, and of our internet discussion forum, D-UK Chat. See the Pen and Chat pages...

We also...

  • Maintain contact with independent depression Groups.
  • Hold discussions with our members when we meet them at AGM and other meetings.

How you can join...

Membership costs 10.00 a year. We may accept less if you are in receipt of benefits or on a low income. Join here...


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