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Useful Links

This section lists various organisations and services that may be of interest to people experiencing depression or other issues. You may also like to refer to our National Links page to see the main National organisations that Depression UK considers can be of help to anyone suffering from depression.

Abuse  Support and information for people abused in childhood.  Help for victims of crime.  Against bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Addiction  A website with online forums for young people affected by someone else’s addiction to drugs, alcohol.  Information and forums on alcohol and drug misuse.

Alternative Therapies  About hypnotherapy. Search for hypnotherapy support available in your area.  Provides free, confidential life coach support.

Depression  Defeat Depression. Operates in Northern Ireland.  Information about depression.  Depression. Understand it, treat it, beat it.  Depression help, advice and articles that could change your life.  Raising awareness about post-natal Depression for mothers and their families.  Articles about the causes and treatment of depression.  Prevention of young suicide.  Information from Boots about depression and other illnesses.  An Australian website with information about depression and its treatment.

Disability Support  Health guidance for deaf people.

Mental Health  Information about mental health issues.  Support and information for people in Scotland affected by bipolar disorder.  Helps people look after their mental health.  A Scottish website tackling mental health stigma.  Support concerning phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder and other related anxiety.

Physical Health  Support for women with endometriosis.  Health information plus people’s experiences of illness.  Information and support for people with pain and those who care.  Information and resources for young adults, 16-24 years old.  Support concerning phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder and other related anxiety.

Useful Directories  Directory of hypnotherapy support available in your area.

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