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Depression UK Newsletter

We send a free copy of the Newsletter to all our members by post (or email if they prefer) up to six times a year. The main reason for producing this is to publish members' letters, which offer their views and ideas as to how they cope with their depression and their treatment.

A typical newsletter also contains:

Man reading newsletter
  • Short articles and poetry
  • Book reviews
  • Humorous stories, anecdotes, and jokes. (It does us good to laugh sometimes!)
  • Information about independent depression self help groups known to us.
  • Notice of Depression UK meetings and other business matters, such as our latest news.
  • Information about relevant articles in the media.

Members frequently cite the Newsletter as valuable to them and we actively encourage them to contribute.

* We have not included sample pages from a Newsletter on this site in order to maintain the anonymity of our members, however, if you would like to see a back-copy we will gladly forward one to you on request.


National Address

PO Box 10566
NG13 8LU

Email Address

Email: info@depressionuk.org


Member Information For Inclusion

Items for inclusion in the Newsletter are most welcome, from any of our members. Items could include your news, views, or anything you feel has helped you - and might therefore, in turn, help someone else.

Please post or email your contributions, addressed to the 'Editor'. Remember to include your Membership Number and your address. Also, indicate any first name, or initials, by which you want your contribution to be identified. This will assist us should anyone wish to write back to you.

* Items for inclusion are subject to the Editor's discretion.
* A member's comments printed in the Newsletter express the writer's personal view and may not necessarily be those of the Editor, or of Depression UK.


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