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Join a Depression Group

People liable to depression often find it helpful to join a local self help group. You can meet up with others who have similar problems and offer mutual support to one another by sharing your feelings, ideas and successes.

Find a Group

Find a Group

Depression UK

Currently we do not have a local group network within our own organisation, we are just one large national group, but with the obvious benefits that go with that.

Nevertheless, we continue to believe in the value of local groups as an aid to coping with and recovering from depression.

We therefore encourage our members to either form a local group themselves or join an existing group where they can.

Where To Enquire

The following organisations may hold details of local self help groups in your area:

Some national charities also have listings of local mental health groups, such as:

Members of Depression UK may obtain details of the addresses and phone numbers of the local groups that we are aware of by consulting our latest Newsletter or by contacting us at our national address (see below).

We are always pleased to hear from you if our information needs updating; and if you know of a group that should be included in our currennt list.

Any member who requires advice either to form or join a local group should contact us. We are always willing to help you both with advice and with some basic funding.

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“We promote mutual support between individuals affected by or at risk from depression.”